About The Mill Town Kitchen

March of 2020 completely changed all of our lives and turned them upside down. Most of us had to isolate from our friends, families and all of our normal routines. Some of us lost jobs and our family’s source of income. Schools were closed and the process of transitioning our kids (and ourselves) was so daunting, to say the least. The need for us to physically distance ourselves during this last year (plus some) was so important and necessary, but that doesn’t mean that any of it has been easy. This is why I started The Mill Town Kitchen in April of 2020. In a time when nothing seemed normal anymore, I wanted to have a way to connect with my friends, and their friends, and strangers alike, to offer some way to help bring people together. While sometimes it’s easier said than done, I truly wanted to make the most of that time, and all of my time ahead, with my Husband and Daughter. I want to be able to look back at 2020/2021 and think of it not just as a period of stress, anxiety and isolation, but as a time that was full of family bonding and growth. Making the decision to share my recipes in this way was my little attempt at bringing us all together. Getting everyone in the family involved and possibly helping you find a new way to utilize what you have on hand so you can spend quality time with each other…cooking, laughing, eating and even cleaning! Just simply making amazing memories for yourself and for your loved ones. My hope is that you’ll always cherish your time with those you’re with and make all of your moments count…maybe while making something yummy together!


I am a native of the PNW, born and raised in a small mill town outside of Portland, Oregon. I was so lucky to have spent a considerable amount of my younger years with my Grandma Reba. She was a simple and resourceful home cook, who favored a vegetarian diet. We grew our own herbs, raised chickens for eggs and picked our own fruits and vegetables from the local farms. She taught me so much in those early years and I am so grateful to have been given such a great foundation to grow upon.

I now have a family of my own. In 2016, my Husband and I decided to settle down in Southwest Washington, in a small-ish town that is coincidentally, another mill town outside of Portland, Oregon. We absolutely love our community and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

While I am a born and raised vegetarian, my Husband is a mid-west born meat eater. Together, we have the most amazing Daughter, who in addition to having the typical limited food preferences of a young child, she also has an egg allergy. All of these various food needs/preferences have required some creativity in our kitchen! That’s where my recipes have come from. I have created recipes that are versatile, so everyone in the family can enjoy a version of the same meal (without me needing to cook several different things). All families are different, each with their own needs and/or food preferences. You will see that the vast majority of my recipes are made vegetarian and without eggs. My recipes have been written in a way that you can utilize any of them as they are, or use them as a foundation to turn them into your own version that fits your family. You’ll have an option to include your protein of choice. You can easily swap out milk or butter for dairy free, and in some recipes, you can utilize gluten free ingredients.

The recipes that I share are actual dishes that I make for my family. If it’s posted here, I’ve made it, we’ve eaten it and my family has fully approved of it! It is real food that is simple to make, affordable and often times made with pantry staples. I have personally photographed each dish (usually just before my family devours the food). I say this because these recipes are real, they are simple and they are accessible. You can do this. I hope that you will and I hope that the memories of making these dishes will last a lifetime for you and your family.