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Blueberry Compote

Everyone should know how to make a good fruit compote. It’s so easy, takes just a few minutes. You can use the compote for SO many things – Think compound butter; to top breakfast staples like French Toast or Pancakes; Use it warm on top of some ice cream; crepe fillings; cheesecake toppers…the list can …

Sicilian Style Pizza

The difference with a Sicilian style pizza is all about the crust – It’s similar to a thick crust or a pan style pizza, with a texture that is super soft and light. You can go all of the way traditional with the square pizza pan and sauce on top, or you can hand form …

Quick Fix Brothy Beans

We’re only given 24hrs in a day, and I don’t want to spend several of those hours making simple beans. The key to this recipe is infusing the broth with a ton of flavor so you can savor a delish bowl of brothy beans in just minutes, rather than hours

Flour Tortillas

These Flour Tortillas are so easy to make – BONUS, no fancy tools needed! They require just 3 basic ingredients and only take about 20 minutes to make. Trust me…fresh Flour Tortillas are WELL WORTH a little bit of extra effort on your next taco night!