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Black Bean Burgers

These are honestly SO easy to make and they are SO delish – even my meat eating husband fully approves! The best part of making your own Black Bean Burger vs buying the frozen ones in the store, is that you’re in control of each ingredient that goes into them, which I like!

Chai Cupcakes

Each year, these cupcakes are the first thing that I make when the weather begins to turn and you get those perfect crisp mornings. Fall is my favorite season and these are the perfect lead-in to all of the cozy cooking to come!

Blueberry Compote

Everyone should know how to make a good fruit compote. It’s so easy, takes just a few minutes. You can use the compote for SO many things – Think compound butter; to top breakfast staples like French Toast or Pancakes; Use it warm on top of some ice cream; crepe fillings; cheesecake toppers…the list can …

Sicilian Style Pizza

The difference with a Sicilian style pizza is all about the crust – It’s similar to a thick crust or a pan style pizza, with a texture that is super soft and light. You can go all of the way traditional with the square pizza pan and sauce on top, or you can hand form …

Quick Fix Brothy Beans

We’re only given 24hrs in a day, and I don’t want to spend several of those hours making simple beans. The key to this recipe is infusing the broth with a ton of flavor so you can savor a delish bowl of brothy beans in just minutes, rather than hours